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INTER-ACCIONS (Inter-Actions) constitutes a methodological precedent in a university level that aims to provide an academic and personal enrichment for the student; to open new ways of learning and to define alternative tools for a professional use in each work field, art or architecture. Share and learn. We start from a difficult moment where the creativity is a basic strategy for further progress, as well as the realization of new experiences that allow to continue with the discussion and the constructive criticism in constant movement. With this project we want to reinforce this branch of research, intervention and dialogue; of knowledge and transversal diffusion, as a complement and support of the teaching program.

Inter-Accions is a collaborative project between university students, young architects and artists directed to students of the Faculty of Fine Arts (University of Barcelona) and the Schools of Architecture and ETSAB and ETSAV (UPC – Technic University of Catalonia). It is based on an educational activity that aims a collective process of experimentation, where the exchange of interdisciplinary knowledge and tools is the main methodological basis.

This research and teaching innovation project moves between art, architecture and intervention in the social and urban context, and it is based on the organization of conferences, workshops, publications in journals. Now it is a subject inside the postgraduate programme of the University of Barcelona. For the first time in this faculty, it is being carried out an experimental methology like this, which is based on the self-management of everything that takes place in the class: how we might learn from each other and how we manage the learnt knowledge.

The objectives are to find a line of thought, reflection and project in front of a global scenario, in order to place this research and creation, including the fields of art and architecture; and to create a method based on a laboratory mode that encourages the creativity and a proactive criticism on both careers. The pedagogical purpose of the workshop is to bring closer both disciplines and the discourses with an experimental and collaborative methodology, bringing down stereotypes and prejudices and locating this event from the practice, to promote the exchange of tools as well as the different ways of doing.

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