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Mobile Unit of the Landscape

Art&Education – Mixité (Catalan)
Manresa, 2015

Art and Education project based on a mobile Unit build as a generator of activities from which to work on the urban context of the city as well as its natural and agricultural space. The principal aim is to reactivate the consciousness of its habitants related to the landscape and cultural heritage.

The first phase was the design and construction of the Mobile Unit of the Landscape (UMP) and its presentation to all the social agents of the territory that could participate in those activities that we propose with the idea to think about what citizens consider as their cultural heritage. We used a modernist house located in the outskirts of the city as a model for the design of the UMP in order to rebuild an old heritage to make it into a symbol of what was considered as a lived heritage.

The second phase is the development of the activities which specifically are workshops and round tables about the aforementioned topics focused on the local context. We have been working with music schools, art schools and secondary schools, as well as associations in order to bring all these ideas out. We have used the artistic practice as soundscape, image and territory, short-lived architecture, adapted to each group of students to make them think about what is for them cultural heritage, collective and historical memory and landscape.

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