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Exercises on screenplaying video editing in the framework of the DAI Art Praxis
Arnhem, 2017

Run from one side to the other of the frame, between trees. Clone yourself and do it around 5 times. If you don’t have clones, run as fast as you can to extend your being. Find a hole in the forest or a quite space and hide there for some minutes. Try to cover yourself with your body, your hands and your arms. Cover your head and nape, even the back. Move the hands from the ground to the head. Be imprecise, improvise, as an animal that is doing something without reflection. Stand in one side of the frame, stand there for a while, then come from the other side of the frame and throw a stone into your face, a big stone.  Stand in one side of the frame and also in the other side at the same time. The first you, on the left looks ahead waiting, the second you drinks water from a bottled and spit it three times, the first one on your left, the second on your right and the third to your face.